Learn & Lunch

User-centeredness in healthcare

25 Apr 2023, 12:00-13:00 CEST
Online, Zoom
CX Managers, Design practitioners
Emma Schalkers & Oda Landsman

About the coach

Emma Schalkers – our service designer specialist in finding the way to positive impact.

Oda Landsman – Our expert in the design process who enables clients to be experts in their field.

Why this topic?

We portrait Healthcare as a very human-centered industry by nature. However, there is still a lot to improve in the world of doctors, hospitals, and insurances, to ensure the overall experience for the patients (and the people involved) is more pleasant.

At Koos, we have been applying our service design skills to humanize the healthcare industry for a while now. It is time to share our main takeaways from case studies and experiences in the healthcare field, to inspire and motivate others to contribute!

What will be covered in this L&L?

  • How to become more human-centered
  • The benefits and importance of putting the patient first
  • How the Healthcare industry can benefit from Service Design

During the Learn & Lunch, we will touch upon different topics such as; user testing with patients, the importance of inclusive design, and the view of experts in the field. We will do this by zooming in and out from small interventions to the organizational levels.


What will be the key learnings?

Applying a Service Design approach in Healthcare can make a big difference.

Come to this Learn & Lunch session and experience how the methodology can have a powerful impact on patients, health professionals, and everyone taking part in the process, by discussing various real cases and examples.

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