Hour of power – one free hour of strategic design feedback

Your benefits

  1. It’s free. Our designers, researchers and strategists are happy to share their expertise. Cause sharing is caring.
  2. Get all the tips & tricks. Get a glimpse of our culture and how we work. Leave with actionable insights and key learnings that you can implement right away.
  3. Confidentiality guaranteed. Everything you share, stays between us. We assure privacy and confidentiality.



  1. Signup. To better understand how we can help, we’d ask a few key questions about your current challenges. We’ll then pair you with the right experts and find a time slot that works for everyone.
  2. The hour of power. The more specific your questions, the more tangible and applicable the feedback and advice. We ensure privacy and confidentiality for all sessions.
  3. Actionable feedback. After an hour brainstorming with our experts, we provide all participants with a final report that includes a session summary and next steps. You’ll be ready to take your digital product or service to the next level!

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