Friday, October 6th 2023, 16:00 – 19:30
Houthavens, Amsterdam HQ

Join us!

A night to inspire and get inspired

What to expect:

Koos is not your average design agency. We are a growing community of like-minded people united by the desire to improve and innovate the world around us. And you are a part of it too!
On Friday, October 6th, from 16:00, we will open our studio in the Amsterdam Houthavens to meet, mingle and explore together with Careem how they prioritise design and human-centricity in their tech company.
Digital products are all around us and have significantly shaped our lives for the better! However, we observe that many of these technology companies are heavily focused on their products.

Here are some updates on the programme to get you excited:

  • Walk-in from 16:00
  • Welcoming by one of our partners
  • Guest speakers talk from Careem on the transformation from a product lead to a design-led tech company
  • Exhibition area
  • Time to connect with like-minded creatives and industry professionals over drinks and good food!

Luke Dacey

Associate Director of Product Design at Careem

I could talk about design all day, but it’s more fun to talk about how I left the perfect job in the UK, uprooted my family, got into a huge argument in my interview and risked everything. Now I’m living in Dubai solving some of the best challenges I have ever faced! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thomas Rawcliffe

Associate Design Director at Careem

An absolute computer nerd. I love pulling things apart and putting them back together. I used to launch Snap games at Snapchat and I’m now defining new standards for the Everything app.

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