Learn & Lunch

Service Design for Sustainability

4 Apr 2023, 12:00-13:00 CEST
Online, Zoom
Service designers, Transition managers
Joost van Leeuwen

About the coach

Joost van Leeuwen – our very own service design expert with sustainability at heart.

Why this topic?

Organisations are striving to become more responsible. On the other hand, consumers understand and demand a shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. The urgency is increasing every day, but how can we accomplish this?

This is where Service Design comes in. Service design is our proven method to solve complex problems. At Koos, we dedicate our expertise to solve the most urgent and complex problem of all: creating a sustainable world – including people, society, and the planet as stakeholders.

For Whom?

For service designers who want to contribute with their skills to a sustainable society. Sustainable transition managers benefit from this session as we’ll discuss ways of creating ownership within the organisation and taking concrete steps together.

What will be covered?

  • The potential of Service Design for sustainability
  • How professionals of Service Design can contribute to systemic change toward a sustainable society

During the Learn & Lunch, we will share ways to use Service Design for sustainable impact. We will help you understand the desired and achieved impact from our own learnings with real cases, examples, and methods.



What will be the key learnings?

Service design and sustainability fit like a glove!

You will not only understand how your company can apply this methodology but also benefit from it while contributing to a better world.

Come to this Learn & Lunch session and experience how service design has a great potential to contribute to sustainable change for yourself.

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