Building a competitive mobility experience.

In 2012 Justlease was one of the first online companies to offer car leasing - Private Lease as a financial construction to consumers. Their initial success attracted many new competitors, pressuring margins. Throughout the years we have been a strategic design partner to help Justlease transform into an agile, competitive service provider, launching new appealing propositions, optimising key experiences and adding value in terms of volume and margin.


Justlease (3 year partnership)


Integrating Service Design into Justlease it's DNA to transform into a competitive service provider


A surge of 48% of sales of car options and insurance

How we did this

Initial explorative Design Research was conducted to understand people’s motivations and barriers around mobility. Need-based Personas created the internal alignment needed to reshape the company’s customer experience and develop various new service concepts.

By running various iterative Design Sprints and development sprints, we were able to quickly move forward with developing the concepts that truly mattered to our customers.

“ Koos uses an incredibly smart model to make complex matter simple.

— Paul Wassenaar, General Manager Justlease

The results

Both overall volume and margins have increased as a result of our combined efforts. Our Need Based Personas are an integral part of Justlease’s marketing and innovation toolkit. One of the developed MVPs was incorporated in the new marketing campaign even before the project ended. Recently, within 8 months of the latest online iteration, the sales of car options and insurance surged with a stunning 48%. Service Design has become an integrated aspect of the organisation with its power to drive sales, spreading its value to the B2B market of mother company Terberg Leasing.