Designing a Super App experience for 50 million users

One app to book a ride, buy tickets to see your favourite artist and get your laundry done. Sounds like a future fantasy? In the Middle East, this is a reality. Careem offers a Super App experience containing a wide variety of services to make everyday life simple for its 50 million registered users. However, maintaining a top-notch user experience when offering this many services in one app is far from simple. That’s why they chose Koos to partner up for this challenge.




Creating a unified and scalable Super App experience, pushing the boundaries of the industry worldwide


Simplify and improve the lives of 50 million Careem users in 10 different countries in the Middle East

A Super App is a mobile or web application that is like a Swiss army knife. It provides a large number of services into one digital platform, rather than having multiple different apps for different services. Examples next to Careem are Grab, Gojek and WeChat, all operating in Asia.

From a Ride-Hailing service to the Everything App

Careem was launched 11 years ago with an ambition to create a big and meaningful impact in the wider Middle East. They began this journey by first tackling ground transportation as a ride-hailing service. At first, each ride was handled manually, in true start-up fashion, but quickly they evolved their service into an app. Careem grew quickly across the region, eventually becoming the first tech-unicorn in the Middle East and then being acquired by former competitor Uber.

Careem soon used its technology and mobility infrastructure to find more ways to expand their service offering. Food and grocery delivery were added to the app, boosted by the demand for e-commerce driven by the pandemic, and kickstarting the launch of the Super App strategy. Today, Careem is a multi-service Super App active in over 10 countries reaching from Pakistan to Morocco. Careem’s purpose is to simplify and improve the lives of people all across the region and build an awesome organisation that inspires.

In order to realise this purpose, Careem wants to accelerate the Super App strategy by expanding their service offering and reach. However, to make this happen the Super App needs to be future-proof, scalable and most of all; a top-notch user experience. This is where our design power comes in.

Careem offers ride hailing, bike sharing, food and grocery delivery, payment services and partner services including laundry, home cleaning, car rental and tickets.

Careem & Koos; A strategic partnership

Designing a Super App is not an easy task and there are little to no examples of how to do it right. Imagine designing an app that includes grocery delivery, and an on-demand home cleaning service, and car rental. All services have completely different customer journeys and user needs. Yet, they have to feel like they are part of the same app from a user experience perspective.

The main challenge we are working on is making Careem feel like one unified app. Assuring it is not only a Super App in terms of the number of services it offers, but also the quality and consistency of the experience. We work on brand new features that tie all services together and enhance the Super App value, making it so smooth you want to stay inside the Careem universe.

But that is only what our users see. In the background, we are also shaping the design team’s way of working to reflect the Super App direction. Applying a holistic and human-centered design approach in everything we do, preaching the gospel among our fellow designers while having a seat at the decision-making table. One of our missions has been to work out a strategy to onboard new services to the app in a quick, scalable and unified way to make them feel and look as an integrated part of the Careem ecosystem. 

Working with Koos is amazing, they bring a fresh, strategic perspective to the team and their design work is top notch

— Samuel Rapp Design Director at Careem

Stay tuned

For over a year we have been a strategic partner of Careem and our collaboration is not close to an end. We are very excited to continue on this journey together and can’t wait to create more meaningful impact together. Stay tuned to learn more about our shared journey of creating a future-proof and scalable Super App and the challenges we are working on.

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