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Agile & Design Playbooks

Develop new and powerful ways of working that are easy to adopt.

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Transform the way you work.

CX Transformation is not about digitising current processes. It is about transforming the way your organisation approaches innovation and daily business. It is about how you operate. And why. It requires new and powerful ways of working across the business, blending the right elements of design, agile and lean start-up thinking.

We can help identify and design your ultimate design playbook;

  • powerful team composition (roles, skills, purpose)
  • toolkit and processes (how do we work together)
  • the right philosophy (design + agile + lean start-up + …)

Team composition

Together we determine the elements of your winning team;

Roles, accountabilities

Toolkits & processes

To centralise knowledge and empower teams with a consistent and effective approach.

The right philosophy

Together we determine the mix that will work best for your organisation. We often blend philosophies like service design, agile & lean start up.

“Playbooks are not a goal by itself. It is an accelerator for achieving real business goals, like being a leader in customer experience…”

Jules Prick

Koos Service Design

Implementing toolkits

Developing a toolkits is a great way to collect and centralise knowledge, align on terminology and develop training material for a consistent way of working within the organisation.

We believe a toolkit is best taught in practice and best mastered through intensive experience. That’s why we often develop toolkits in conjunction with internal academies.

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