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CX Management as a catalyst for change in Mobility

22 Nov 2023, 12:00-13:00 CET
Online, Zoom
CX Managers, Product Owners and Innovators
Myrthe Montjin & Peter Cuijpers

Why this topic?

The service industry is experiencing a rapid shift towards customer-centricity, and the mobility industry is no exception. Many practitioners are currently jumping on the bandwagon that is journey management, but is it really the gravy train it’s promised to be?

In this talk, we discuss how we’re transforming a 180-year-old rail operator like the Dutch Railways into a modern mobility company that puts the needs of the customer at the forefront, through implementing journey management.

For Whom?

Particularly relevant for CX Managers, Product Owners or other professionals in organisations focusing on the public domain, general services, healthcare, and public transport, etc.

What will we cover in this L&L?

We’ll give you an honest look at the reality of a corporate organisation:

  • the challenges, strategies, and lessons learned as Dutch Railways undergo this transformational journey

  • how to avoid disaster when academic theory and tunnel vision collide with the actual implementation of journey management in reality

  • how to stay pragmatic and adapt your approach to the needs of both the internal organisation and the individual employees

All with real examples from our collaboration at the end of the line: empowering the Dutch Railroads to provide the best possible traveller experience.

What will be the key learnings?

We will share our insights on co-creation, creative problem-solving, and the importance of breaking down challenges and tackling them one stop at a time within a first-class agency-client partnership.

So, don’t miss your chance to hop on board the customer-centric express, and follow our train of thought on how journey management can be a catalyst for transformative change.

About the coach

Myrthe Montijn – Myrthe Montijn is a seasoned service design professional with a passion for transforming customer experiences through innovation and strategic thinking.

Peter Cuijpers – as a customer experience manager at Dutch Railways, Peter has played a key role in implementing a range of customer-focused initiatives and his expertise has helped the company stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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