Bringing your stakeholders together to shape

tomorrow’s society

From the energy transition to education and accessibility law compliance, we help governmental entities develop and apply future-proof policies and digital services with the user at the heart.

Discover how we actively involve and empower policymakers, civilians and businesses, making the (digital) public domain more human-centred and accessible for everyone.

Collaborate with us to

Develop future proof policies for people

Empathy is our starting point to help you collaborate and iterate with society and your stakeholders.

Translate policy into digital services

Empowering you to build critical and digital solutions that are inclusive and usable by everyone.

Tackle complexity with systemic design

Exploring new ways to effectively deal with complexity using our unique human-centred approach.

Examples of how we change people's lives

Opening up society for 17 million Dutch inhabitants

Inclusive, privacy-friendly and transparent covid certificate solutions to facilitate life during the pandemic for Dutch society.

40% increase in successful smart energy meter installations through 3 innovations

Improving the customer experience and efficiency in requesting and installing smart energy meters.

A nation-wide redesign for permit applications

Simplifying the labyrinthine bureaucracy for all stakeholders cutting processing times from 26 to a mere 8 weeks.

“The approach is inspiring and prompts action, it is different from what we are used to and brings a lot.

— Adam Abu Khamis

Project Manager, City of Amsterdam

Applying years of local, national and semi-governmental expertise
to your challenge

We empower governments to embrace design thinking and take up a human-centred approach to policy-making and implementation. Whether you’re building your team capabilities or seeking trusted partnerships in digital technologies, our expertise in both worlds ensures your long-lasting success.

Michaël Vijfvinkel

Combining a strong passion for societal change and creative collaboration, Michaël lives to unravel complexity in design projects and training, by finding the common thread and bringing structure for all stakeholders involved.

Marieke Maas

Marieke believes a positive attitude and collaboration will save the world. Marieke has a strong background in approaching complex challenges through design within the government – preferably on a systemic level.