Fostering human-centered healthcare through

digital transformation

We co-create solutions to future-proof our currently overwhelmed healthcare systems. Our unique human-centered and holistic approach to digitalisation empowers accessible, affordable and good-quality healthcare.

Together, we can tackle urgent healthcare industry challenges, such as increasing shortages and care demand, through innovative health service innovations and business models.

Collaborate with us to

Improve health outcomes and save costs

Increasing patient and healthcare professional satisfaction by creating efficient care funnels.

Implement effective digital solutions

Empowering users and stakeholders through accessible digital solutions that accelerate change.

Build value-based healthcare strategies

Personalised and preventive care accessible to everyone through well-designed systems and services.

Examples of how we modernise healthcare services

13% increase in customer satisfaction through customer-centric approaches

Putting the customer at the heart of the biggest Dutch health insurer to boost customer satisfaction and improve their services.

25% time saved on patient contact by developing an A+ digital portal

Setting up an online patient portal to enable optimal customer experience when facing medical assistance abroad.

33% decrease in the drop-out rate of the appointment booking process through digitisation

Redesigning the MyCUF app to be seamlessly integrated into the patient's medical appointment journey.

“Working with Koos was a great learning experience to become more customer-centric. MyCUF is now better prepared for our ambition towards the future of healthcare digital services.

— Project Owner, MyCUF app

Guiding healthcare systems towards an inclusive digital future

Through a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, we design ecosystems that empower patients, healthcare workers and providers by enabling seamless interactions between local, national and global organisations.

Laura Schrauwen

Laura is a passionate designer with a strong focus on healthcare, aiming to improve quality of life, while keeping the patient at heart. She has been driving innovative solutions to improve health experiences across various healthcare settings, such as health insurance companies, hospitals, health education and communication.

Joris Hens

Joris is a venturous innovation expert with a passion for healthcare proved through its portfolio of impactful healthcare projects. With a background as a product owner and strategic designer, he challenges the status quo with his curiosity.