Learn & Lunch

Design for Inclusivity

23 April 2023, 12:00-13:00 CEST
Online, Zoom
Policymakers & other professionals in the public domain
Stijn Nering Bögel & Monse-maell Hopman

Why this topic?

In our rapidly evolving world, inclusivity is not just an ethical consideration but a strategic imperative.

At Koos, we frequently encounter important debates surrounding inclusivity and accessibility in our projects. We ensure that the services and products we design are genuinely impactful and usable for everyone. In this session, we share our experience on inclusivity and the tools and knowledge we’ve gained throughout our projects to promote a more inclusive digital world.

For Whom?

Particularly relevant for:

  • Design Community
  • Designers, Researchers, Product Owners, Product Managers
  • And everyone who is interested in this topic and wants more experience

What will we cover in this L&L?

  • Our views and efforts in the area of diversity and inclusion by design
  • The concept of unconscious biases and how they impact design decisions
  • The principles and practices of inclusive design by offering practical insights from our experience

What will be the key learnings?

Come to this Learn & Lunch and understand why inclusive design is crucial, how to navigate its complexity and how to best apply its principles to your projects, making them more accessible and valuable.

About the coach

Stijn Nering Bögelhe loves diving into design trends and creating a good mix between customer, brand, and great design

Monse-Maell Hopman – brings a wealth of experience in tackling complex information architectures, working with design systems and ensuring accessibility in design solutions.

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