Learn & Lunch

Digital transformation for human-centered healthcare

23 July 2024, 12:00-13:00 CEST
Online, Zoom
CX Managers, Design practitioners, Healthcare providers
Joris Hens & Laura Schrauwen

Why this topic?

The healthcare system is currently navigating a complex labyrinth of challenges. With an ageing population and a rise in chronic diseases, the demand for healthcare services escalates, while the sector grapples with a growing staff shortage. The industry focus on financing curing rather than preventing illnesses needs to shift, as it will benefit society and save costs in the long term. Lack of interoperability leads to health data islands, resulting in less efficiency and impaired decision-making. These challenges end up in patients facing numerous issues throughout their care journey.

As so, we’re exploring solutions to ensure healthcare remains affordable and accessible for everyone in our growing population and how to support patients and their surroundings in navigating the intricate jungle of healthcare.

For Whom?

  • Beneficial for anyone interested in improving the patient experience and humanising the healthcare industry
  • Product Owners, Marketers, Journey Owners, or anyone interested in learning how to effectively use and govern personas

What will be covered in this L&L?

During this session we will navigate the jungle of healthcare, exploring the potential of digitalisation and the value of design in creating healthier futures:

  • How digitalisation can be valuable to deal with complex challenges we currently face in healthcare
  • Our learnings around efficiency, accessibility, and applicability related to digitalisation in healthcare to transform organisations into becoming more human-centered
  • The value of our current and future role as designers in healthcare


What will be the key learnings?

Applying a human-centric digital approach in Healthcare can make a big difference.

Come to this Learn & Lunch session and experience, through real cases and examples, how design can strongly contribute to future-proofing healthcare through digitalisation by helping patients, health professionals, and everyone taking part in the process to navigate smoothly through the healthcare landscape.

About the coach

Joris Hens – Our expert in driving innovation to enhance experiences in multiple healthcare contexts, such as health insurance, tech, and education 

Laura Schrauwen – for Laura being close to the users and involving them in the process is key

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