Learn & Lunch

Experiment Design

17 Jan 2023, 12:00-13:00 CET
Online, Zoom
Beginner - Intermediate
Rosanne Heijligers & Cátia Pereira

About the coach

Rosanne Heijligers – our strong believer in combining data and qualitative insights to make sound business decisions

Cátia Pereira – our hands-on designer who enjoys knowing people and their realities, to be able to materialise ideas and bring innovation to life.

Why this topic?

Too many ideas are prematurely implemented because they look good in presentations and business plans and are based on hip technologies. We often overlook that not everything that can be built should be. Instead, it is crucial to bring to life what the customer actually wants or needs.

Experiment Design can come to the rescue! By testing business ideas with experiments, evidence and insights are generated that allow you to learn and decide how to proceed. The purpose is to reduce the risk of pursuing ideas that look good in theory but will not work in reality.

What will we cover in this L&L?

  • Experiment Design theory & frameworks
  • Way of working at Koos

During the Learn & Lunch, we will share why and how to best build and plan experiments within your organisation. We will do this by holding an actionable workshop filled with case studies and learnings.

What will be the key learnings?

Come to this Learn & Lunch session and understand the principles of Experiment Design, how to manage relevant stakeholders through the process and how to use experiment design for user-centred innovation.

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