Masterclass Positive Impact Framework

27 January 2022
Online, Zoom
Chris Lueb, Emma Schalkers, Hidde Burgmans

About the coaches

Emma Schalkers – our service designer specialist in finding the way to positive impact.

Chris Lueb – our UX designer committed to making a real, positive impact by tackling complex challenges.

Hidde Burgmans – combining the fields of service and UX design to create products people love to use.

Why this topic?

Nowadays, more and more designers, companies, and organisations are expanding their responsibility into generating a positive impact on the world we live in. As Koos, we want to help them reach their positive impact potential via a Positive Impact Framework (PIF).

What is the Positive Impact Framework (PIF)?

Koos has designed their PIF to make positive impact more concrete and tangible. The framework serves as a foundation for discussing, making and measuring positive impact.  However, it is not a cookie-cutter solution as it depends on your audience and capabilities.


What to expect during the Masterclass?

In this interactive session, our trainers will share Koos’ approach and help you design your PIF to make positive impact more concrete and tangible. Moreover, our trainers will help you get started with defining your personal goals and creating a mini roadmap.

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Who is the Masterclass for?

Like Service Design, Positive Impact is not a one-man show. Therefore, we only accept team applications with a minimum of 2 members.

  • Everyone (from designers to managers, researchers, e.g) who strives to make a positive impact in their work
  • Teams who are looking for a shared understanding of positive change
  • Teams who are craving to better define and structure their long term challenges for creating responsible innovation
  • Teams that are formulating metrics to define the progress on social and sustainable goals and balance these with business goals.

How to apply?

Please fill the application form below with your contacts and briefly tell us what do you expect to get from the PIF Masterclass.

You have until the end of day December 24, 2021, to subscribe, and you will be informed about your acceptance by end of the day on January 6, 2022.

What do past participants say?

At the Service Design Days in Barcelona, Koos helped 35 designers across 25 companies and organisations design their PIF via a physical masterclass. Along the way, we overheard many insightful and inspiring discussions and at the end, everyone ran out inspired and empowered. What better time to have this experience than at the start of the new year?

“Great masterclass to evaluate the positive – and negative – impact we can make as designers.”

“Well done on making something complex simple to understand, including lots of practical examples..”

“Perfect balance between shared content and hands-on practice, plus cool energy and ice-breakers!”

“I now have a framework to use for every project from now on.”

Want to join?

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Don’t forget to bring a colleague/s. During the Masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to work together and walk away with your very own PIF pack!