Remote fundamentals of Service Design masterclass

25-28 Jan 2021
Beginner - Intermediate

Service design is a way of working that can be learned by all professionals, managers, creatives, and… anyone who wants to learn how to solve complex problems in a user-centred way.

Join our Service Design Masterclass to get started, and follow in the footsteps of over 1000 other professionals from all over the world.

We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why we’ve set up our masterclass as a 2-day service design project. You will work on a case all the way from design research and journey mapping up to building a prototype and testing it. We guide you at every step with theory, examples from real cases, and coaching. This way you get hands-on experience with all the essential tools you need to start using service design right away.
• Get hands-on experience with the essential design thinking tools and techniques
• Learn creative facilitation techniques such as brainstorming and workshop energizers
• Work in small groups with intense coaching along the way
• Meet other professionals who face similar challenges

Value of Service Design

Introduction into the value of Service Design for business including inspiring cases and best practices.

Design Research

Get to know the latest design research tools and go out into the field to conduct a service safari and interview real people.

Customer Journey Mapping

Construct a visual customer journey using hands-on templates and map areas for innovation.

Experience Design

Develop a distinguished experience using 10 innovation strategies and create value using unique experience drivers.

Visual Thinking

Master the art of visual communication and become a ‘Black Pen’. Use less time to explain yourself and create more convincing ideas.


Prototype and test your best idea to find out if your solution is really solving your user’s need.

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