Learn & Lunch

Service design in organisational context

9 Sep 2021
Online, Zoom
Beginner - Intermediate
Marieke Maas

About the coach

Marieke Maas – Koos business development expert. Trained as a designer with a strong eye for commerce and business impact.

Why this topic?

Koos has noticed that as service design keeps maturing, more and more organisations are applying this discipline. However, while working on more significant projects, we also realized that we start to run into organisational barriers that make it more complicated to implement our design.

Together with Anna Westland, a talented graduate student from the TU Delft, we studied the role of service design in organisational context, and it is time to share our perspectives with you!

What will be covered in this L&L?

  • What is the organisational context
  • Why is the organisational context essential to consider during a project
  • How considering the organisational context will improve your project outcomes

What will be the main learnings?

After this Learn & Lunch session, you will understand the organizational context, why it is essential to consider it at every design project stage, and how this will impact service design in the long run.

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