Learn & Lunch

The power of Customer-Centric Digital Innovation

27 Fev 2024, 12:00-13:00 CET
Online, Zoom
Managers, Directors, and Heads
Luiz Botega

Why this topic?

We have collected experience on how to help organisations to be agile, efficient, and data-driven by adapting swiftly to thrive in the digital era.
In this session, we embrace the strategic potential of digitalisation and unlock new possibilities by harnessing the power of customer-centric approaches.

To Whom?

This Learn & Lunch is designed for:

  • Managers, Directors, and Heads who are involved in digital innovation, digital products, and digital transformation
  • It is ideal for those seeking to enhance their understanding and expertise in this area of knowledge

What will be covered in this L&L?

  • A human perspective on the digital innovation process
  • Taking a systemic approach and considering other factors beyond data
  • Factors related to sustainable digital innovation, including strategy and cultural integration
  • Making digital innovation more customer-centric
  • Identifying key barriers and strategies to overcome them, ensuring meaningful change rather than superficial efforts

What will be the key learnings?

Come to this Learn & Lunch session to gain a broader understanding of digital innovation and its various components:

  • Delving into each component
  • Identifying key barriers, and exploring strategies to overcome them
  • Emphasizing the human aspect within the transformation process

About the coach

Luiz Botega – our service designer specialist in exploring the intersection between Design and AI.

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