From 2 to 4,5+ app rating boost through 4 specific brand experiences

The challenge for the Nederlandse loterij (Dutch lottery) was simple. Redesign the UX of the at the time 2-star rated apps into 5-star rated user experience. Find out what users want and give it to them.


Dutch lottery (2 year Partnership)


Rebranding 4 apps in a white label structure


Boosting the app rating from 2.5 to 5 stars

An efficient approach for 4 brands.

For a deep understanding of the customer, we immersed ourselves in the motivations and needs of all lottery players. By conducting interviews, visualising customer journeys, and performing user tests, we discovered what the target audience truly thought was important. Finally, we concluded these insights into 4 brand specific environments. Want to see the end result immediately? Download the Eurojackpot or Lotto app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

One interaction vision to rule them all.

The foundation of these 4 apps was created by a design system that allowed us to easily transfer newly designed interactions, learnings and iterations from one brand to another. This way we kept consistency in interaction while allowing room for the four specific brand experiences.

Digitally chasing the lottery dream.

Our research showed that the core of the app needed to allow users to chase their dream. This challenged us to delicately create a conversion-focused flow of buying a ticket while leaving room for personalisation and superstition. Traditionally, people buy lottery tickets in the store, now it’s also easy to play online; choose your lucky numbers, pay digitally, and check whether you have won any prizes after the draw.

All your lottery tickets in one place.

Next we found that a lot of users gathered their physical tickets in one place. The app allows you to go one step further. Whether you have a subscription, buy your lottery tickets in the store or in the app, all your lottery tickets are collected in the main area of the app: My tickets.

To innovate, we conducted thorough research with customers to understand their underlying needs and motivations. This has formed the basis for the new app experience.

— Katja van Luipen, Product Owner

How Service Design shaped the user experience.

From left to right; 1. Contextmapping booklets (user diaries) used to better understand user behaviour and in-depth needs. 2. Customer Journey mapping with the team. 3. Translating the journey to a backlog for the apps through storymapping. 4. Testing essential interaction in a design sprint.

The lottery ticket as symbol for the Jackpot.

A conclusion from user research was that players value a physical ticket. The ticket with your lucky numbers on it in fact symbolises  the Jackpot. That’s why we made the lottery tickets big and sparkling, to resemble a physical ticket. This is your ticket to wealth!

A key feature for the retail player.

The app also has value for the player who buys his lottery tickets in the store. With the built-in lottery scan function you can check with one click whether you have won a prize and collect your tickets in one place. Connecting the online- and offline experience, convenient!

There is more to come.

We’ll keep you updated since this case will have 2 more app launches coming very soon and we’ll have incoming data showing our progress. Moreover, we have plenty of insights left unfulfilled. We’ll keep improving the apps and chase that 5-star dream.

The brainpower behind this project

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