Service Design Days 2021

17-18 September


Koos and Service Design Days are partnering up!

The Service Design Days have been the common ground for all Service Design professionals and enthusiasts for five years. As the main partner this year, we hope to connect our knowledge and passion and inspire our colleagues worldwide to join our mission and commit to positive change.


Koos could not be more excited about the 2021 edition’s theme.

‘New perspectives – breaking out of the design bubble’ is something we advocate as part of our culture.

By constantly checking in with our teams, peers, and clients to grow in the field of human-centered design, we challenge the status quo. Together, we can break through the boundaries of Service Design, reach our maximum potential, and create a tangible impact on the company, the people, and the planet.


That is why we are looking forward to finally join the Service Design Days in the flesh after a year of pandemic – to be inspired by and learn from whatever else is out there.

Koos speakers

Side-by-side with a diverse group of hands-on international design experts, Koos will be giving interactive learning activities and talks.

We are excited to present the line-up of our participation in the Service Design Days 2021:

Chris Lueb

User Experience Designer,

Koos Service Design

Emma Schalkers 

Service Design Consultant,

Koos Service Design

Hidde Burgmans

User Experience Lead and Partner,

Koos Service Design

PIF Masterclass

Designing for a better world – the Positive Impact Framework

Nowadays, more and more designers, companies, and organisations are shifting their focus towards generating a positive impact on the world we live in. At Koos, we want to help them build their positive impact strategy through the Positive Impact Framework (PIF). 


What is the Positive Impact Framework (PIF)?

Koos has created the PIF to make ‘positive impact’ more concrete and tangible. 

This framework will touch upon how to define, create and measure positive impact, and this workshop will help you break out of the routine of focusing mainly on customer needs and start making a more positive impact. 


In this interactive session, our speakers will be sharing our framework with like-minded people and accelerate the positive impact we could and should have as a community.

Serena Westra

Senior Service Designer,

Koos Service Design

Heitor Pagliari

Lead Service Designer,

OLX Group

OLX Case study talk

AI-by-Design approach for radical innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play an increasingly important role in shaping the future. But how does one design solutions with AI and ML at its core? What comes first, desirability (do customers want this?) or feasibility (can we build this?). These are some of the questions the Squared Initiative of OLX had to deal with over the past 1.5 years.

The team’s mission is to stay ahead of the competition by designing future-proof solutions with AI-by-Design. So they had to figure out a new way of working that combines Service Design and Data Science to radically innovate a 100 years old company. As you can imagine, they learned a lot!  


In this talk,  our speakers share their experience working in an AI team and how the client-consultancy collaboration was fundamental to kickstart this initiative successfully. Together they will unravel the magic of designing with AI, and show how it’s less daunting than it seems.

Don’t miss out on this immersive two-day experience in BAU, one of Barcelona’s most revolutionary design colleges.


Join Koos and dive into the new perspectives of creative out-of-the-box thinkers and doers!

Interested in the SDD conference and checking the complete agenda?