CX Transformation

CX Vision & Strategy

A strong purpose and framework to align initiatives and energise your team.

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Creating company wide alignment and motivation.

Creating a consistent customer experience is a company wide commitment and effort and therefore requires a powerful starting point;

A motivating purpose (why we do this)

More turnover does not motivate people. How we make a positive impact on our customer and planet does.

A clear vision (where do we go)

Only by understanding where we want to be in a few years time can we align ourselves on what needs to be done.

A solid strategy (how do we get there)

CX strategy is a guiding framework to prioritise and take the right decisions a daily basis.

CX vision to align on the future.

It is not easy to imagine the future. One thing is certain – people have very different perspectives of it.

A strong visual vision of what the future will be and the role your organisation will play in it, makes it easy for teams to align and focus on what needs to be set in motion.

We see that co-creating storyboards of future journeys and value propositions is an effective way to align and imagine the future.

CX strategy as a framework to organise and prioritise.

A clear CX strategy is a necessary framework to align the organisation and steer initiatives into the right direction. A strong framework should at least contain;

Holistic understanding of all journeys – Journey Ecosystem

The journey ecosystem is THE tool to track, manage and improve customer experience and distribute accountability and ownership throughout the organisation.

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A deep understanding of the customer – Needs based profiles

If you are in the CX business you need to understand needs. Demographics are simply not good enough. A deep customer understanding allows you to outperform all competitors on CX, value delivery and loyalty.

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Understanding of what drives customer value – Experience drivers

As an organisation you want to have clear mechanism on how to drive value for your customer on all levels in the organisation.