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Employee Experience is hot.

And that’s not a weird thing considering that employee experience:

  • helps organisations to engage and maximise their workforce performance;
  • strongly influences great customer experience;
  • is a (currently majorly underestimated) driving force in business transformations.

Build a company where people love to work.

To us, employee experience is about creating a company where people love to work, every day.

It is a small but crucial change of perspective to focus on what motivates and inspires employees (people first, instead of procedures and processes).

At Koos, we value this more than anything else;

  • To feel part of something bigger.
  • To feel like your opinion actually matters. To feel you have a say.
  • To feel that your contribution is real and important.
  • To feel that you are developing yourself and that you have an influence on where you are going. And where the company is going.
  • To have fun.

In the end it is happy people that really drive performance and innovation.

“Enhancing the employee experience helps to
attract talent, retain top performers and drive results.”

Maylett & Wride

Engage your (future) workforce.

HR departments are currently one of the biggest supporters in enhancing the employee experience within their organisation. Their main challenges consist of retaining human capital inside the organisation, making a difference on the happiness scale of their employees and enhancing employee engagement with company activities.

The employee value proposition represents the benefits your employees receive as compensation for working for your organisation.

Employees don’t stay loyal to one company for thirty years anymore. We evaluate our work and work environment on a regular basis and we now look for different things than before.

As there is a growing focus on work happiness,
a work-life balance, and contributing to a sustainable world,
organizational change is necessary to stay on top of the game.

Employee experience strategy

Service design offers a great methodology (and mindset) to start building employee experience. Here are some basic tools to get you started;

Employee personas

Needs based personas are a great tool in understanding the motivations of our employees and what they really value. These motivations, drivers and needs are a great starting point to develop (unique) employee value propositions to attract and retain the future workforce.

EX Journey ecosystem

An ecosystem helps creating an overview of all important employee journeys within the organisation (and who is responsible for them). Next step is to prioritise, map and redesign the key journeys and assign journey owners.

EX Performance Dashboard

We track the most dominant and important employee needs and motivations and measure how we perform on those as an organisation. This help us to make better strategic decisions on where we want to allocate our EX budget.

Embedding Employee Experience using service design.

Employee Experience is not a project or one time exercise. It means;

  • commitment from the top and a strong vision
  • a change of perspective (for everyone involved)
  • that we might need some new skills as well
  • having a look at current processes and how we do stuff
  • rethinking how we work together and who’s responsible

EX Academy

During our EX Academy we train HR personnel in the new EX tools and way of working. Next step is to identify some first projects to work on together.

Are you interested in how to make the first steps?

Reach out for a free chat or visit one of our events on the topic.

The 5 EX principles. 

1. Use the right perspective.

It all starts by taking the employees perspective. It sounds simple but it is actually a big step for most companies.

2. Take a holistic approach.

Take the holistic approach by considering the full context of the employee lifecycle.

3. Work together.

Work together in cross-silo, multidisciplinary teams. EX is much bigger than the HR department.

4. Start with EX.

From there on it is about defining the internal processes and structures that are needed.

5. Experiment and iterate.

Also for your employees, you have to prototype and test ideas.

A selection from our Employee Experience projects.

30,000 employees positively impacted by an improved Employee Experience

Co-creating a purposeful Employee Experience within the largest Portuguese food retailer, contributing to a happier and more motivated organisation.

Meet some of our Employee Experience experts.

Jules Prick

Pou partner will give you insights about the maturity of your organisation so you understand where you're at, and where you can go.

Noortje Hartman

Our strategy and branding enthusiast has a down-to-earth attitude, always managing to keep the overview in times of creative chaos.