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Spot opportunities for innovation

Identify major areas for future growth that add value to your users and your brand.

Validate product-market fit

Run small experiments and find evidence to (dis)continue working on promising solutions.

Develop and launch quickly

Go to market quickly and keep improving and learning during a lifetime in beta.

Maximising your innovation capability

As you’re already reading this, we assume you already understand the value of innovation for your organisation, but then you also know that it is hard to make it happen.
  • The pursuit of bad ideas is a waste of resources when you don’t test and validate your assumptions in time.
  • 80 to 90% of all innovation efforts fail. Therefore if you don’t test out several ideas, you won’t see any success any time soon.
  • A risk-averse culture and resistance to change make it hard for large organisations to bring innovation to the market.
Koos helps you to manage these challenges and makes sure that you get the most out of your scarce resources.

6 principles for successful innovation


Scope your innovation mission
Determine the right innovation scope. Make sure you focus on the right users and use cases, while also taking your capabilities, portfolio, and market developments into account.


Don’t try to do everything yourself
Growing your internal and external network helps you to source valuable expertise, spot trends and opportunities, and ensure the implementation of your ideas with the help of your partners.

Skills & knowledge

Fast-track learning by doing
Enable your team to learn the ins and outs of experimenting and scaling business ideas. Capture insights and learnings from ‘failed’ ideas so your team is accumulating knowledge.


Use a proven, user-centered process
Quickly test key assumptions, validate product-market fit, and systematically de-risk your most promising concepts by using a user-centered and stage gated process.


Get mandate and manage risks
Make sure you have all the support and resources you need by strategically involving internal sponsors. Establish the right targets and metrics to measure your progress and to prove success.


Grow and foster a culture of innovation
Build successful teams by spotting and motivating talent with the right mindset. Grow an innovation culture by promoting and rewarding new ideas and experimentation.

Our process

Every organisation is different and so is every innovation program. We adapt our programs to the needs of your organisation.

How we do it

Innovation accelerator dedicated team

Dedicated team

Together we form a multidisciplinary team and according to your innovation challenge, we assemble a team of experts from your organization and mix them with designers from Koos. Expertises can range from machine learning and AI to data scientists, and business designers. Together we go on a shared mission to test solutions that will bring your business forward.

Innovation accelerator incubator program

Incubator program

Crowdsource your innovation capability
Together we setup and run an incubator program. In several weeks to several months, multiple teams (from inside and/or outside your organisation) go through a stage-gated process of research, strategy, ideation, prototyping and testing which can lead all the way up to building an MVP and bringing it to market.

What’s your innovation challenge?

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