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Driving innovation in organisations to make digital life more human

From boardroom strategies to user-centric solutions, we empower you to thrive in an ever changing landscape, emphasizing on creating tangible results.

Discover how a partnership with us accelerate the creation of innovative solutions ensuring your organisation stays at the forefront of innovation.

Empowering to thrive
in the digital landscape


Sensemaking is essential for leaders as it enables them to understand and navigate the complex and ever-changing business landscape.

In a rapidly evolving world, we help you to make sense of the data, information and trends that impact your organization.


Visioning is crucial because it provides a clear and inspiring direction for organisations. It serves as a roadmap for the future, aligning teams and stakeholders towards this common goal.

We empower you to give meaning to your digital journey, inspire motivation, and drive progress.


Relating enables leaders to build strong relationships and connections, fostering collaboration, trust and a positive organisational culture.

We help you create the required coalition of internal and external stakeholders that together contribute to realise your vision.

Innovating & Implementing

Drive growth, competitiveness and adaptation to change.

Together we build and continuously improve processes, products and strategies to meet evolving customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Collaborate with us to

Lead with inspiring vision and direction

Empower your team by giving meaning and motivation to your digital journey.

Accelerate innovation potential

Build and continuously improve rigorous processes, teams and innovation capabilities.

Launch new business opportunities

Create a continuous and high-value funnel that launches strategically aligned initiatives at incredible speed.

Supporting clients to lead in their industry

Designing a Super App experience for 50 million users

Creating a unified and scalable Super App experience, pushing the boundaries of the industry worldwide.

Launching an innovation incubator for a Fortune 500 tech company

Setting up a stage-gated, customer-centric incubator process that allows the development of solutions based around the client’s tech.

Facilitating 10 remote design sprints simultaneously for ING’s Innovation Bootcamp

Digitally guiding 10 innovative concepts through design sprints to reach their full potential and be implemented within the organisation.

For every challenge we bring in-depth industry knowledge


Empowering energy and network providers to stay ahead of the energy transition.


Improving health experiences from hospitals and insurances to product innovation and trackers.

Big Tech

Bringing business value to tech giants and super apps through our human design process.


Changing how we develop policies and services for national and local governments.


Enabling banks to develop relevant services and drive customer centric transformation.


Redesigning public transport providers, aviation businesses and private leasing services.

We partner up
with ambitious organisations to push boundaries

We believe design is key to solving our most complex challenges and driving sustainable business growth.

Decades of digital expertise
pathing the way

We empower companies to outpace change, fostering innovation with our rich cross-industry expertise. Whether you’re building your team or seeking powerful partnerships in design and tech, our legacy in both worlds ensures your success.

Borge Nilsen

Rooted in decades of strategy and innovation experience, we fuse human-centred design with agile methodologies to empower our clients with unparalleled growth and industry leadership.

Siddi Wouters

We harness deep sector expertise and a concurrent design strategy to expedite your company’s modernization, converting intricate challenges into measurable success within mere weeks, not months.

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