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Better understand your users.

Service Design is a philosophy based upon the principles of design thinking, but focused on innovating services. We design complete ‘end-to-end’ experiences, instead of optimising the single touchpoints of a service. Together we go through the entire innovation process, starting by talking to users to uncover issues and ending by testing our solutions with them. Only then you can develop services that will have meaning and lead to positive results. 

Want to learn more? Check out our blog post What is service design?.

What we offer.

Got a different challenge? 

Reach out to us and we will craft a bespoke approach to your business need.

Service Design for Sustainability

Creating positive impact through behaviour change, helping both people and planet.

Design Research

Let's immerse ourselves into the customer’s mind and their context.

Customer Journey Mapping

Visualise your customer’s experience in an engaging and explicit visual.

The value of Service Design.

It used to be a belief, but implementing Service Design actually pays off.

Many studies have shown that investing in designing experiences offers an impressive ROI and companies that work with design thinking outperform competitors that don’t, with big numbers. 

A selection of our Service Design projects.

A nation-wide redesign for permit applications

Simplifying the labyrinthine bureaucracy for all stakeholders cutting processing times from 26 to a mere 8 weeks.

Design Sprinting for sustainability in wine.

Testing hypotheses on a winning sustainable strategy for Sogrape.

Building a competitive mobility experience.

Integrating Service Design into Justlease's DNA to transform into a competitive service provider.

Our 5 value beliefs.

1. First understand.

Everything starts with a deep understanding of your users.

2. Measure impact.

To measure is to know. For those who really want to make an impact.

3. Iterate to perfection.

Instead of focusing on doing it perfectly at once, start iterating.

4. Combine skills

Multidisciplinary teams really do yield better results.

5. Act upon it.

Real value does not come from insights but from action.

Meet some of our Service Design experts.

Nynke Schrakamp

Our partner gets engaged with development and growth, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that everyone gets the best out of themselves.

Nathalie Meuleman

Our master at capturing the essence of any problem, since she can navigate all through due to her strategic thinking.

Our highly multidisciplinary team gets you results. 

Whether you are focusing on customers or employees, our team will design solutions that will solve your problem. We strongly believe in the combination of service design and UX Design to make a difference in your company, because when your digital design is based on deep customer needs you create meaning for its users.

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