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Design research

Let’s immerse ourselves into the customer’s mind and their context. Find out what people want and give it to them.

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Get a deeper understanding of your customers.

We use a mix of design and ethnographic research techniques to get deeper into the mindsets of the customers. We identify users’ needs and underlying drivers and motivations which help us to understand their behaviours.

Do you know or do you think you know?

We’ve seen it too often that innovations are designed and implemented based on the wrong assumption. There goes your time, effort and money. Our advice: take time to listen.

Every customer is the expert of his own experience.

Invest in Design Research.

What is the real issue at hand? How do you know you’re focussing on the right problem and spending your investment wisely? We always recommend taking a broader scope, taking a step back and looking at it from a holistic point of view. Invest in the beginning, take the time to get it right, this will accelerate the process later on and get you the results that you need.

Remote design research.

There are all kinds of remote design services which are well suited to design meaningful services and help build better, more flexible organisations. Remote design research is a well established and a powerful tool and delivers strong customer insights. Interviews, group sessions or user tests can easily be shared with your organisations through a live broadcast.

Check out our Remote design services to find out more about how we work remotely.

Our own research facility.

At our Amsterdam office, we have our own research facility with a one-way mirror, so our clients can be present during interviews. The room is equipped with cameras and screen capture software, so we can stream the conversations and observers can join from anywhere with a decent internet connection. The interior offers a relaxed vibe so that our interviewees are at ease. In our experience this much more comfortable and informal setting, allows people to be more open, honest and informative, which in turn leads to higher quality and more actionable insights

Mix and match research techniques.

Depending on your target group, context, budget and research topic, we choose the research techniques that will yield the best results for you. Some of our beloved research techniques:


In an interview, we try to answer the most important question: Why? What drives them and how does this impact their behaviour? With an interview guide that works as a compass, we let the user talk.

Context mapping

We let customers fill in homework exercises so they can prepare for the interview. These exercises enable them to express themselves better and discuss topics that they are not occupied with every day.

Prototype user tests

Testing with a prototype gives us an immediate response on how good the new ideas are. This way, we can quickly validate our assumptions before spending a lot of money on development.

Co-creation sessions

We let users express themselves creatively. By creating, people use different parts of their brain, which will present us with new insights. Exercises can be diverse, like collage making, card sorting, LEGO Serious Play, etc.